It’s a Water Park and Chocolate Buffalo Conspiracy!

Today, July 28th, 2020 is National Milk Chocolate Day. Why? Because it ties in to how we got our nation to be the way it is!

Once upon a time, there were a lot of buffalo that roamed the wild and natural land in America. That is actually a lie. The American Buffalo is technically a bison. The natives in America hunted only what they needed of these plentiful “buffalo”, allowing this creature to thrive. Enter in the white Europeans, the railroad, and men’s incessant desire to colonize and dominate both man, woman, and beast. Today, thanks to over-hunting we have few buffalo but plenty of domesticated cows and bullshit.

See the connections?

So, grab your favorite form of milk chocolate and enjoy the feeling of falling in love with a piece of American and World history as I expose some bullshit along the way! To note: milk has been mixed with chocolate as far back as at least the 1600’s, but it wasn’t until 1875 that Daniel Peter mixed chocolate with powdered milk invented by Henri Nestle over here in America. We can thank the National Confectioner’s Association for conspiring together to set every July 28th aside to remind us to eat or drink milk chocolate as we also contemplate the state of our nation.

Milk chocolate might not be the best thing for you if you’re dieting, but it’s your patriotic duty to have milk chocolate today, dammit!

It’s also National Water Park Day…but, with the COVID pandemic, heading to a water park could cost you your life! I think it might be safer to stay home and splash around in a bathtub or play in a sprinkler outside. Even a private Slip and Slide Day might be a good alternative to sliding down tubes and sharing a pool with a bunch of potential Coronavirus carriers. Besides, those happy little children probably pee (and sometimes poop) in the water and who wants that going in your mouth or eyes? Gross. Even chlorine doesn’t neutralize that reality.

I guess if you don’t live near a water park that is actually up and running this year, you could always seek out a natural source of water and enjoy a day near a lake, ocean, river, or merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily float down a creek singing “Life is But a Dream”…maybe find a local waterfall or hot spring. Just remember to stay six plus feet away from any strangers or it might be your last great splash!

So, use some wisdom and take your chances.

And, lastly, today is National Buffalo Soldiers Day. If you don’t know what a Buffalo Soldier is (or rather, was)…do some research. They went the way of the Buffalo. I mean bison. The last Buffalo Soldier died at the age of 111 years old back on September 6, 2005.

Why were these soldiers distinguished from other soldiers? Because they happened to be African Americans and it was the Native American tribes who nicknamed them as “Buffalo Soldiers” back in the 1860’s or 70’s. Remember learning about that in school? You don’t?

You know, in your history class where you were taught about the major cultural wars going on between humans who were all fighting for their freedoms and basic rights to exist and live peacefully with honor while destroying the land and enslaving each other? These soldiers wore coats made of bison fur in the winter, plus their hair resembled that of the buffalo, so it stands to reason the Natives being attacked by these African Americans would make the association.

Now I have “Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play,” running through my head. I remember singing “Home on the Range” as a little girl growing up with an old-fashioned butter churner and backyard chickens to feed just like on Little House on the Prairie, but updated a little and set in the Wild West of Oregon.

I also remember being taught a bunch of lies while in school. Why all the secrecy about America’s past?

I also remember being bullied while in school, and now again as an adult. But, we don’t talk about that in society. I’m an Oregonian woman, and I guess over here in Oregon, we expect our women to be tough as nails and know how to swing a hammer, an ax, and shoot straight. We also expect our women to call a spade a spade and know how to dig a ditch while shoveling a bunch of bullshit and putting up with jokes about hoes. I guess eventually we learn how to buffalo a bullshitter.

Some of these Buffalo Soldier Calvary divisions from the past were sent to Wyoming back in the late 1800’s by then President Benjamin Harrison to quell shootouts and skirmishes between rich landowners and small farmers in a land war. They were unsuccessful in restoring peace.

It reminds me of the police task force of today almost two hundred years later. I bullshit you not.

The Buffalo Soldiers were also used to remove what were called “sooners” in Oklahoma. A “sooner” was someone who tried to make a jump on the free-for-all land rush that President Harrison opened up to white settlers after clearing out, relocating, and committing genocide on the Native Americans. Imagine the greed and corruption that took place with the declaration that at noon on April 22, 1889 anyone who was legally allowed to own land could stake a claim for 160 acres for free. Yep, that’s how we ended up with Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma and the football team, the Oklahoma Sooners.

We stole it. But, we gave part of it back. And according to the treaty, it is forever.

The civilized natives, and their African slaves, who survived the forced relocation in what we know as “The Trail of Tears” from fertile land east of the Mississipi, were given a portion of what was believed to be the worst land around to live upon in dry, arid Oklahoma. And, yes, Native Americans also kept slaves. It wasn’t just the white folk. They even enslaved each other and warred with each other.

However, the United States government has always favored their “own” over the “others”…always seemed to give an advantage to white European men, even if it meant engaging in outright thievery or deception. Throughout history, women and children of any culture or race were at the mercy of the men around them and their concepts of equality.

I guess one could say as a nation we still engage in indecent acts of “de-humanizing and eliminating” and we still have the same sense of outrage over injustices and inequalities.

What does this mean for us today in 2020?

Well, almost half of Oklahoma is considered a Native American reservation, where the “Five Tribes” consisting of Seminole, Creek, Cherokee, Chickataw, and Choctaw nations reside. Natives who live within the reservation boundaries are exempt from paying state taxes; they get to regulate alcohol sales and gambling casinos, plus they are kept from being prosecuted for crimes committed on reservation land by the state government. They can get prosecuted by the Federal government, but not the state. The federal government has placed restrictions on the length of sentencing a tribal judge of a Sovereign Nation is allowed to place on a criminal, thus dis-empowering their sovereignty.

So, someone like Jimcy McGirt, a Seminole native convicted of the heinous rape of a four-year old Seminole girl, could not legally be prosecuted and punished by the state of Oklahoma where the crime took place. Due to a technical glitch, he was actually on reservation land given to the tribes back in 1866. He is, by the way, serving his 1,000 year sentence that the state handed to him back in 1997, but now his sentence has been voided, due to jurisdictional reasons all because of land markers and bloodlines.

In my opinion, the rape of a child by ANYONE ANYWHERE should be punished by castration and incarceration. Real men do not rape children. Real men do not rape anyone.

Certain people should be removed from society in order to keep peaceful, law-abiding women and children (and sometimes adult men who are vulnerable) safe from dangerous deviants. And, if a certain tribe, clan, or family produces a child rapist, and they are exempt from paying taxes that go toward the arrest, lodging, and incarceration of such criminals, then who pays in the end? What kind of society do we end up having?

One where sexual predators are free to rape and pillage at will? One where the people take the law into their own hands and form posses and hire bounty hunters just like in the past? Is that the country we want to live in?

Hmmm…it might be coincidental that my own ex-FIL came from Oklahoma to Oregon before he went to prison for a sexual crime involving a minor. He was also part Native American and a United States Army veteran. I don’t think he handled alcohol very well and was either damaged as a child, damaged as a soldier, or just wired to be a violent, sexual deviant. However, he did his crime in Oregon, did his time in Oregon, and was released to be forgiven and allowed to get remarried a couple of more times in Oregon, allowed to work at a community college, allowed to be around family and children, and eventually die from lung cancer in a hospital…likely the result of all the years he spent smoking, drinking, and engaging in domestic violence against my ex-MIL and her children while living in violent, backwards Oklahoma in poverty near a reservation. To this day, nobody knows who stabbed his oldest stepson to death in Earlsboro, nor what happened to the victim’s wife. I’m just thankful I don’t live in Oklahoma! No thank you. I’ll take my chances in Oregon after what trauma I’ve been through that came out of Oklahoma!

I was told the police in Oklahoma are more corrupt and incompetent when investigating crimes than the police here in Oregon. Evidence gathered at crime scenes mysteriously disappears in certain murder cases in Oklahoma.

My ex-FIL was a sick and twisted man who moved to Oregon, where I was born and raised by a decent, kind father who would roll over in his grave if he knew what kind of crimes had been perpetrated against his youngest daughter. It’s likely a good thing my dad passed away when he did, or he might have grabbed his shotgun and gone hunting.

At least my own rape was as an adult and not as a child, and it wasn’t carried out by a stranger, but by someone who once upon a time told me he loved me and cared about me, but who really just wanted me for my house, my money, and my children. Plus, he wanted me for free labor, and on demand sex while he ran around behind my back doing all sorts of nefarious behavior and philandering.

Just like most Europeans. I mean look at Prince Andrew. Look at Donald Trump. Look at Bill Clinton. Look at the lifestyles of the European rich and famous…if they make enough money, they can just about get away with anything, especially if they hire an unscrupulous lawyer!

What can be done about the past? Especially when there is no justice to be found in the court of law?

Forgive it and work toward changing the future!

There’s a conspiracy going on all right! Humans are territorial. Humans are defensive, except for the humans who are offensive.

Humans can get offended at the very mention of “buffalo” or “bullshit” or the truth about how we got the names and words we use today in our melting pot of a Nation. Why would anyone have the last name of Jones, or Herring, or Fox, or Slaughter, or Hunter, or Trump?

It the name fits, wear it! If it doesn’t fit, get it changed! If you don’t like where you live, then move. But, if you move somewhere to try and replace the people who were already there first, or to decimate their lives, then expect a fight. I feel connected to Native Oregonians, because this is where I was born. I can’t claim to be a descendant of a Native tribe, because my bloodline doesn’t show it.

But, I’m still a fierce and wild spirit with a sense of honor and nobility, just like those who the Europeans tried to break. I’ve had my spirit broken and I’ve been brokenhearted, too. However, like a Phoenix, still I rise out of the ashes of a shattered dream.

So, enjoy celebrating today however you see fit. Maybe eat a piece of bison jerky, listen to Bob Marely’s “Buffalo Soldier,” and sing “Buffalo Gal” while thinking about the racial, gender, socio-economic differences, thievery, and war issues going on in the classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Make today a buffalo themed day! Or a water themed day!

If you can get your hands on a piece of chocolate, enjoy every bit of it.

If you have friends who are decent, law-abiding humans who are either Native American, Black, or any other minority, be grateful for them and celebrate them! They make our world richer, more interesting, and more diversified.

If you are white and still marginalized by other whites, join the club and remember that Europeans have always behaved that way…look at the Salem Witch Trials and the atrocities Hitler carried out against his own citizens! Look at the writers who were imprisoned for their heresies and opinions about their temperamental and insane leaders. Look at the writers who went to prison for their private sexual lives, such as Oscar Wilde, a bi-sexual who tried and failed to sue a man for libel because of the laws on the books in that time period and location.

So, if you aren’t in prison for speaking the truth about our screwed-up “Christian” nation, descended from a screwed up Royal Family full of Royal Fucktards who half the time are Protestants and half the time Catholic, but all the time ridiculous then be thankful! Our nation basically was founded by criminals and lead by criminals who made laws that created criminals, while forgetting that the Bible was put together by a bunch of white men with an agenda to act like God.

But no matter what your status, or station in life, if you are a child rapist or an intentional child killer…you are in danger of hell both in this life and in the afterlife. No one affronts the Creator of innocence and receives forgiveness for those kinds of actions. They just don’t. That is not approved of in ANY belief system except that of a barbaric, evil, vile nature. That is not approved of by ME, and I am a child at heart and also a mother.

Heaven is too full of innocent children to allow those kind of sinners inside.



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