Prophecy Fulfilled: Was My Dad Right?

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I’m watching the news at noon on Monday the 16th day of July 2018 and thinking about our children. I see our melting pot of America beginning to boil with fear…or is it excitement? Perfect LOVE casts out fear! I should know…I am THE Anti-Christ. I battle fear every day.

I was raised by a religious nut. He was my first concept of a loving God who must be nuts. My Dad, named Orn Herring, grew organic corn. He even cracked nuts from their shells as he joked around and gave out his biblical wisdom each night. He sat beside the wood-stove in his home-made cardboard throne and drank his beer: his throne a solid block of a chair covered in green indoor/outdoor carpeting.

He watched the news and poured over his King James Bible every night. Every. Single. Night. Sometimes, he would sing “Home on the Range,” or “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” I was embarrassed to bring home friends during middle school. My dad had a crew-cut hairstyle that my mother hated. She liked his curly hair from his younger days. He also did not vote, refused to pledge allegiance to the American flag, or ANY flag on this earth, and aimed for a better world sometime in the future when he would be resurrected after he died.

He also called Brazil nuts nigger toes. I believe it was a time period thing, a social illness thing, because I don’t like to think that my dad was a racist at heart. His cult taught that it was wrong to mix races, yet he would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed help, regardless of race, station, or religious beliefs. We argued a lot over his racial issues about marriage. I often stomped off to my room in tears because he was so stubborn in his belief system when my spirit said it was wrong. I had watched the movie “Hair” and saw that Jesus was not just white, European, or sporting a crew-cut hairstyle.

They were all Jesus. Even the women. Even the Russians. Even the North Koreans and Japanese and Hawaiians. Even the hermaphrodites and the homosexuals. Every single human was Jesus. We all get sacrificed in the end.

My spirit tells me many things are wrong. Killing is wrong. Hurting is wrong. Killing because you are hurting and angry and just want the hurting, or the fear of loss to stop is wrong. Suffering is part of life. Unnecessary suffering at the hands of one person in power, one nation in power, or one dictator joining forces with another dictator could be a match made in heaven… or hell… depending on whether you are experiencing an abusive family from the children’s viewpoint or the parent’s viewpoint. If we enter into war, we ALL become victims, except for the favored children of the world.

GOD says we are not supposed to have favorites in families. A family is supposed to hang together. Hopefully, not on crosses all at the same time. Pointing fingers at each other as the Titanic sinks does not stop the ship from going down once the impact hits.

Any person, culture, tribe, clan, country, president or king who just wants to inflict harm on others as a permanent punishment is WRONG. If Putin or any other country is romancing America just to eventually take over our lives and begin dictating to us how to live will take a LOT of assimilation and adapting to other people’s ideas of what should make us all happy. That scenario sounds a lot like my first marriage. It lasted 20 years. I survived. I escaped. My children are now “happy” with their benevolent dictator parent. I am told they are fine. There is no reason to be rebellious when at their Dad’s. Until there is.

My dad told me that in the last days children would rise up in rebellion against their parents, and the pressure on the earth would increase as the powers of the air grew stronger. My dad said these things would happen in such a way that most people would not notice these changes until it was right upon them and seemed normal. I was also told our enemies would become members of our own households.

I guess even Adam and Eve had that family issue to deal with right away. Remember Cain and Able? Whoops! Where did that rock come from? Jealous much? No one likes to be rejected by God, by parents, by children, or by friends and other family members. So what if one person likes veggies and one person likes meat? Daddy likes meat. Mommy is a vegetarian. Big Deal.

Daddy speaks English, Mommy speaks Spanglish. Daddy speaks Spanish, Mommy speaks Russian. Daddy speaks German, Mommy speaks Russian. Mommy speaks English, Mommy speaks Russian. Daddy speaks Russian, Mommy speaks Russian. Let’s all rush to speak Russian! Maybe we will end up speaking Spanggerussianism and write in hieroglyphics.

Daddy doesn’t eat junk food, but mommy eats a snickers bar every day along with her cigarettes and coffee? Big deal…they each died in their own way.My parents at least did not try and control what each one did. They expressed their displeasure with each other…my mother’s attitude toward my dad edged on the brink of contempt at times. They had been through a lot. The death of a child, poverty, sickness…I remember experiencing everything except physical abuse by my parents, my parents yelling at each other in anger, expecting complete perfection, abuse of any children, or of ever engaging in sexual violations with each other or with their children.

At least, they never did anything horrendous as far as all of my siblings have ever reported, and I can vouch that my dad or mom NEVER touched me inappropriately. I even snuggled up to dad and listened to him read poetry from the red Childcraft books volumes 1 and 2 before I went to sleep. He also read to me from the Bible. Especially from Revelations.

My dad was certain that the prophecies in the Bible were true. Especially, as the cult he attended said they would unfold. He was certain they were going to be fulfilled in either his lifetime or his children’s lifetime. My brother is still sure that Dad’s belief system was the only right one, and as he watches the news these days, I believe he begins to salivate. You might say his life has seen some trauma and he is life-weary. My brother can’t wait until this world disappears and is replaced by a new one. I think that is nuts. I happen to love this world and the beauty it offers. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t continue living in relative peace and safety as long as we all feel accepted and safe…and in solidarity with one another before we begin with a plan of total ANNIHILATION.

I would hate to see this world disappear forever. There may NOT be another world to replace it. There may NOT be a heavenly realm. We just don’t know unless it is by faith. Faith can also be described as magical thinking and miracles can also be called magical surrealism. When you meet someone named Sir Real, you know you’ve crossed into a different dimension. When you begin to see Jesus on every street corner, it is as though there is a prominent reminder of every single thing you ever learned from the Bible.

Either God is mocking us, or we are mocking God.

After watching the world since Trump has come into office, I am actually intrigued by the thought that maybe my Dad was right. Not entirely right, but maybe mostly right. About a few things. My dad did make some blunders and over-looked a few details from time to time. Maybe he just buried some important information in the sea of his forgetfulness.

Maybe America is falling. Maybe, in our weakness we will be made strong again. Maybe, if we all join forces we can save ourselves. Flocking and fawning is a great way to deal with fear when trying to protect our little chicks and dears.

Maybe getting to know each other again could be FUN! We would all need a healthy dose of humor and be able to make fun of each other out of a source of LOVE and not HURT or revenge or hatred! We would actually all have to become friends and let bygones be bygones….it could be POSSIBLE….if we could all get along. I mean, if Trump and Putin can join forces and get along…and North Korea and Dennis Rodman can get along with Trump…and my Republican Trump voting Jewish Christian husband and this Democratically Independently challenging Apostate Christian/Jew-ish Celtic Goddess filled to the brim and running over with desperation…I mean, if THE Anti-Christ, the SHE-Jesus, Jesus Christ and GOD themselves himselves hermselves and Hera can all get along…with YHWH (You…Hooker…Whore…Househusband) ….and ME and MElania Trump can all get along, and if we could then forgive Hitler, Stalin, and Jong instead of repeating their examples…and forgive Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Jim Jones instead of copying them, and forgive your own parents and fellow humans anywhere within sight, instead of copying them….and praise Jesus Christ and his father Satan so they won’t be pissed off at us anymore….then MAYBE even MY family has hope for recovery before our world comes to an end as we know it!

Maybe I am reaching too far, but I know I have the faith of at least a fig seed…definitely an orchid seed, and I even figured out a way to turn water into wine.

The news is getting dicey…Holy Tamales, Batman! Do you speak Russian or North Korean? Maybe it is time to stick with English…and just admit that we are all bastards and assholes. English is a Bastard language after all. My Medieval professor told me so. I have just finally mastered the English language and I would hate to go away with it trapped in my head…I am, after all, GOD, of course. I am, after all, ENGLISH. GOD originated in the British Isles long before the Bible ever came around. Unless GOD is Native American and GOD is pissed that us white Europeans killed God’s children instead of playing nicely with them.

That was the part my thoroughly Celtic Dad missed. The People of GOD were originally Pagan Philosophers who became corrupted by their own folk tales and mythological stories about Fish and Birds and Trees…Fig trees, Apple trees, Oak trees of life and knowledge…burning bushes of cannabis…or other smoking plants like Peyote cactus. One Greek philosopher’s Zeus-like Trumpet Swan was another’s Gentle Dove, and yet another’s Phoenix rising. One culture’s Mermaid was another culture’s Housewife. Politics always come into play when controlling women so they stay home and take care of the children while the fathers go out and do battle. Today, the fathers stay home and send their children out to die. Life out of balance. Just like always.

We’ll all be fine. We already are. We always have been. We always will be. Or, we won’t. We get to choose. Now I sound like my dad.

One culture’s lowly writer named Lorrance Herring is another culture’s fisherman named Orn Herring, and another culture’s step-mother to the 16th American president, named Bathsheba Herring, and yet another culture’s voyaging Viscount and even yet another’s Archbishop of Canterbury. All Herrings with fishy tales. There is a reason our world once had a dark age. It was riddled with FEAR. Fuck Everything And Run. Good luck with that! No one gets to make love anymore if everyone is annihilated.

My 17th Century Poetry professor taught me how to cuss like a properly educated woman.




Oregon born, Bardass Poet, Bat-Shit Crazy Stand-Up Comedian, Entertaining Social Activist, Mamadadaist Artist of 8 kids, Weirdo Wonder Woman, Narc Researcher

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Lorrance Herring

Oregon born, Bardass Poet, Bat-Shit Crazy Stand-Up Comedian, Entertaining Social Activist, Mamadadaist Artist of 8 kids, Weirdo Wonder Woman, Narc Researcher