Proud “Boys”?…Ya Got That Right!

The “Proud Boys” is a hate group that glorifies violence, beer drinking, and the glory of being testosterone riddled little “boys” who just happened to get bigger in everyway except in their ability to mature into real men (and this lack of maturity applies to their female supporters as well). These people are not logical or reasonable. Just like their leader, and hero, Trump.

They are not much more than insecure little boys, acting like red-neck assholes. Proving WHY white supremacy is dangerous to our country! This group is made up of a bunch of backwards thinkers. They even threatened unarmed television reporters in Portland, Oregon!

If they aren’t doing anything questionable, why chase away reporters? Why threaten unarmed people? Where is the logic and reasoning abilities in so many extreme “hate” groups in America?

Maybe we should revamp what we teach our children?

Today, I am struggling to be proud of America. Dismayed might describe where I am these days. Traumatized might be a good descriptor as well.

Why? Because I am a mother of two boys of whom I am VERY proud! They are not idiots like the members of the “Proud Boys”, neither could I ever see them joining such an uneducated, ignorant group of humans as those “Proud Boys” who blindly follow an aggressive leader who glorifies violence, such as boxing, football, senseless wars, and senseless physical attacks.

Trump makes a mockery of violence and OTHER people’s death!

My sons both know that their mother has been physically attacked before by a younger, stronger, and unthinking street-woman. I am sure they realize that women can be dangerous and aggressive, too.

They also know that their mother lived under their father’s aggression and intimidation for a couple of decades until I couldn’t live that way any longer. They know their father is a dictator, even if they are blinded by their “Daddy-worship”…someday, they will better understand why their mother escaped his clutches in order to go to school and become an outspoken woman AGAINST aggressive dictators and their ignorant, brainwashed followers.

Ignorance truly is our greatest threat, but knowledge of how the world of corruption REALLY works is not for the faint of heart!

They know their mother is against the use of violence to solve problems. They know their mother would sooner talk someone to death, educate them, yell at them, call them a bunch of names, and pick on them in a royal roasting before EVER coming to physical blows. They also know their mother would prefer to sit maturely at a table and talk things out like a professional psychologist with a sense of humor.

If they don’t know this, then they should!

I am PROUD of my sons for being better than the insecure men who make up the hate group, “Proud Boys”….the law-enforcement wannabes placed on “stand-by”….stand-by for WHAT? More beer drinking? More throwing their weight and weapons around? Oooooh! Such “Macho Men”! Oooooh, look at those muscles! The strength! The braun!

Where are the BRAIN CELLS????

One of my friends and her daughter went unarmed to support a peaceful BLM march in Eugene, Oregon, and her daughter had a fucking GUN waved in her face by the Maga Men who showed up! Her daughter, a bright college student with her whole life ahead of her! I’d bet the big BULLY waving the gun in her face barely has a high school diploma. What kind of grown-ass “MAN” needs to intimidate an unarmed young woman?

Are educated, opinionated women really THAT scary?

Why yes. Yes, I guess we are!

If I were the President, I’d not only tell the “Proud Boys” to stand-back and stand-by…I’d order all of them into detox, mental health therapy, and require them to sit home and work through an extensive reading list beginning with Mother Goose and Dr. Suess and slowly work up to the Bible in Middle English, Chaucer, Grimms Fairy Tales, Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” and the Bible with footnotes…and everything ever written from behind bars.

In fact, I’d throw Trump into my “behind the bar” program of recovering lost intelligence as well!



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