I am SO THANKFUL to live in a country where we still have FREEDOM of CREATIVE SPEECH! I would be be-headed if I lived in another country….I might be lynched if I lived in another State other than Oregon…I sometimes think I could get lynched just walking out my front door….get accosted by the FEDS…or abducted by Aliens….or replaced by and Android….or completely ignored like I’m already a ghost or a dead writer…

To ANYONE Who KNOWS Me: Is It REALLY ALL About YOU? I Keep Hearing That I Must Think it’s ALWAYS All About ME!

I am SO tired of other people who believe that they alone are the first thing on my mind in the morning, when it really is that they are the first thing on their own minds when they wake up in the morning. Everyone has their own agendas, their own issues, and their own problems, their own traumas, their own dramas.

It is NOT my issue if anyone applies MY POETRY to themselves, anymore than if I watch a movie and believe the movie is ALL about me! My real last name just happens to be “Jones”…or maybe it is “Smith”…or maybe it is “Johnson”. If it were, say, Jones, I could apply every “Jones” reference to my life, especially if I had a person in my past with the last name of, say, Robert or Dave. Now, if I came out of religious abuse at the hands of a white, patriarchal mind-set that had a heavy overtone of religious bullshit of power and control gone awry, I could make all sorts of references to:

Bob Jones University, Jones-town Massacre, Keeping up the the Joneses, Me and Mrs. Jones, Davey Jones locker, the Jones Tribe, and Bob’s Burgers. If my name happened to be anything close to Loreena or Lorra or Laura or Alora or Lorna, or Loretta…that opens up a whole new realm of references, such a Laura and Robert (Dick Van Dike), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Loretta Lynn, Loreena Bobbit, Bibbity, BOBbity, BOO….just Bob for apples and live in a shoe! Fiona Apple has nothing on ME….I’m thefairyfigmother, I’m the Fairy Fig Tree! I just might have heard of someone named Etta Fig Lee!

It just Figgers I was meant for this crazy life….I’m THE crazy ex-girlfriend and THE crazy ex-wife! But, GOD favors ME above all others….I am blessed beyond measure and above ALL mothers!

Many women do noble things, but YOU surpass them ALL…he told me one day as I answered his call….. “You are in MY hands, and you will be fine. I love YOU daughter, I paid the price…now speak the TRUTH and try to be NICE!”



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