Today is set aside for a Scotch with Crème Brulee, New Jersey, Love is Kind Conspiracy Day!

I think the entire world is conspiring together to bring us all into a state of inebriated love over an egg custard with a caramelized sugar crust…an invention from France, of course. And the Scotch whiskey designed to inebriate us, by law, can only be whiskey made in Scotland.

This conspiracy has been in operation for an very long time! In fact, conspiracies have been taking place long before 1879, like the photo above shows. Even Ancient Greece had conspiracies occurring back in the day of politics, religion, sex, food, drink and the stories we tell about human behavior.

Tie in New Jersey, which has direct connections to England and its Jersey River and then realize New Jersey was largely formed during the Revolutionary War and you have a modern-day conspiracy on your hands…but it ALL boils down to being loving and kind!

So, today I suggest doing something loving and kind for yourself! No matter what your nationality, skin color, culture, race, sex, or religion. There’s only one of you. You are unique. You are mixed up and have probably already made enough mistakes to beat yourself up over that you don’t need anyone else’s help. You’ve probably already had enough people beat you up, put you down, hit you or hit on you, and pick on you that you could even cuss like a drunken Scotch. Or a French chef. Or, a New Jersey cranberry farmer. Or, a bloody English pirate fishmonger’s wife.

Have you ever drunk more than you should? Have you ever enjoyed a Scotch on ice? Have you ever been to Scotland? Are you Scottish? Are you freckled with red hair? Well you can’t do anything about it, so be kind to yourself!

Same goes if you are black, Chinese, Native American, or any other indigenous native or migrant human being living on this planet. Even if you are a teetotaler or Puritan. You can’t help it. It is what it is.

Have you ever had the privilege of enjoying Crème Brulee? It’s a fancy dessert that gets lit on fire with a torch right before it’s served. I’ve had it once in my lifetime. I was working as a lowly servant in a fancy restaurant and was given a sample, so I could better describe it to the wealthy patrons who frequented “Prime,” a steakhouse in a local Casino. I was the Hostess. I was also putting myself through college as a single mother recently divorced.

I had a kind boss. His name was Jorge..we called him Hefe. He taught me how to cuss in Spanish. I have fun memories of that experience. I eventually had the opportunity to take two years of learning the Spanish language and culture. It was delightful and eye-opening!

I already knew a few words and terms in French from my years of ballet classes. Do I sound like a privileged woman? Well, in some ways I was and in other ways I wasn’t. My parents were poor. We often supplemented our food supply by foraging in the woods for berries and by fishing and hunting deer. We also raised chickens and had a backyard garden.

It was really a miracle that I had the opportunity to take dance classes in my small coastal town where the most exciting event was the blackberry and huckleberry bushes producing their berries. That, and the whales that washed up on the beach…or the police nabbing some criminal. Especially the criminals that showed up on “America’s Most Wanted”…those were the days!

Today, it is National New Jersey Day. I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to New Jersey. It looks like it has a lot of history attached to it. It would be fun to visit some day. In the meantime, I can read about it and develop some parallel connections.

So, New Jersey was the third state to become one of the “United States” of America…but, from watching the news, I wonder if I could more accurately describe our nation as the “Untied States” of America.

It seems that if we are not careful, we could once again enter a civil war or a revolutionary war and come loose at the seams…we could become like Ancient Greece and its 700 plus city-states! Don’t you love Greek history and mythology?

So, what binds us all together? Kindness? Love? / Violence? Hatred?

Jersey Cows? Jersey blueberries or cranberries? Football Jerseys? Salt-Water Taffy? Walks on the beach along the sea? I guess Thomas Edison did a lot of his work in New Jersey back in the day…maybe it’s electricity that keeps us all moving forward toward a brighter future.

I think tonight I might suggest watching an old classic to my partner. “Grease”….That way we can include Australia, Italy, and Mexico in today’s Conspiracy Theories that involve the Garden State, Scotland, France, and England.

I think I’ll skip the Creme Brulee and Scotch, though. Sorry France and Scotland. It’s just not in the budget these days.



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