Vote, Then Keep Loving

Lorrance Herring
2 min readNov 2, 2020
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Learning not to take the craziness of life too seriously helps…there are times to be crazy. There are times to dance and have fun and be a little crazy…crazy fun! Then, there are times to be panicked.

There are times to call 911 because if you don’t, someone is going to die. Such as a child in convulsions or a mother being violently attacked; a woman passed out and bleeding profusely.

Right now, we are in a time of “panic” or “war”…and the enemy is often hard to identify. Is it your mother? Your father? Your neighbor? Your brother or sister? Your president? Your boss? Your husband, wife, or partner? Is your enemy a foreigner or a complete stranger?

Is your enemy a Democrat or Republican? Maybe an Independent or a non-voter? Is your enemy religious or secular?

Is your enemy those standing in military fatigues at the voter’s box holding guns?

Is your enemy God? Or Satan? Some wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or some lurking health condition that is out to kill you like diabetes, or cancer, or a heart condition or an addiction? A different disability?

Is your enemy men? Women? Children? Animals? Spiders? LGBTQ+?

Is your enemy the police? Lawyers? a Judge? a Social Worker?

Is your enemy someone who has a different skin color or heritage than you?


As an American who has studied a lot of history and mythology, including several epic tales of wars, hero journeys, and battles to get back to a place of safety and a sense of home and belonging.

Right now, we are dealing with a “Mega Monster”….like the many-headed Hydra or the Scylla of the Greek mythologies.

If you chop off a head of the Scylla, two more will grow in its place….kind of like trying to get rid of history teachers, or Queens.

So, stay calm and vote. Stay calm and complain. Stay calm and protest. Stay calm and stay home. Stay calm and boycott. Stay calm and breathe, write, plan, work, play, and pray for peace.

Cruel people will always exist. Dictators will always exist. Bullies will always exist.

America is on the verge of going one direction or another. Trump is a bully and a liar. He is a manipulator who plays to the ignorant masses, who have the same uneducated mentality as Trump. I know these things.

Any thinking human can see what is obvious. Trump and his followers packing guns, big trucks, beer, and testosterone obviously lack brains, barbequed squirrel, and some chill pills.



Lorrance Herring

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