Watching the News: Children on the Political Playground

June 26, 2018

Really? Why do I watch the news? I am reminded of children running around on a playground calling each other names, forming cliques, making fun of someone’s socks until they are in tears and later become a serial sock hoarder or commit suicide.

We eliminate the Bible from schools and morality finds a new horizon. We introduce the Bible into politics and cherry-pickers come out to shoot pits from their mouths like so many bullets from a machine gun.

Life is not a bowl full of cherries, it’s a chair full of bullies. Red Hen restaurants are now chicken of inviting ANY politicians to dine. In fact, politicians should just all stay home and cook an organic, vegetarian meal for their children and read fairy tales.

If every politician stayed home instead of eating out for just one night and sent me the money they saved, I might have enough money to hire an expert in parental alienation and get to see my children again, or hear their voices, or even go watch them play at a sporting event at their schools. I have been shunned in the extreme from their lives. I am CERTAIN that my youngest child who was only eight when his father removed him from my care under lies and false claims two years ago MUST be going through something emotionally that is NOT healthy for his psyche. Trying to get anyone to listen to me is like pulling teeth when I do not have enough money to pay anyone to listen to my concerns and take them seriously, or to appreciate my political activism against travesties in our local communities.

Roseanne Barr seeks forgiveness for being a rude, crass, funny comedian who took her comedy a little too far concerning racial humor. I now go down on bananas with whipping cream and chocolate sauce in public as a PSA concerning a healthy way to avoid the rising STD problem. Someone has to step up to the plate.

It’s a rat race and the rats are winning. Kathy Griffin holds up the head of Trump in a David and Goliath move and pays a heavy price for her comedy, because she might have “traumatized” Barron Trump. I had to chop off a chicken head because an animal attacked my chicken and she needed to be put out of her misery. I posted pictures of the process as an educational lesson in a humane way to slaughter chickens. Someone needs to step up to the plate and do these things. I did sing to her before she got axed.

People are in an uproar because mothers are cruelly separated from their children who are seeking a better life here in America. Good LUCK! I love America, but we have some attitudes that need major adjustments in our ranks.

“Permit Patty” needs an enema to help her not be such a fascist towards little girls trying to sell water without a permit. Really? I am shocked that my children never got imprisoned for selling flower bouquets outside of our home without a permit! I am shocked that no one reported the sump pump my husband installed without a permit. I am sure if we lived in Nazi Germany we would have had our children removed from our care.

News reporters wear crosses on their necks and interview pastors and priests to get their input on the right way to handle illegal immigrant families. I used to be a CHRISTIAN CHILDREN CHURCH TEACHER and I lost custody of my children to my former abuser and rapist. It has been two years since I have been allowed to have any meaningful contact with my children due to my “Christian” wasband who is “protecting” our children from me…

Trump accuses Maxine Waters of not having a very high I.Q. as she uses her freedom of speech rights to incite public protests. I do my best not to incite rioting in my own home town with some of my humor that I use as a way to deal with the trauma that hit my life like a shit storm right before Trump came into office.

I am a poor, but educated woman who is working on proving through mathematics and science theories that a spiritual dimension does in fact, exist. I am able to explain my theory in such a way that it has kept me from needing to drink, do drugs, have unhealthy sex, stuff myself on food, become a workaholic, smoke cigarettes, kill animals for funzies, hide away in my home, or looks for some target other than myself to be angry at for how my husband and his “permit patty” police officer wanna be partner behaves when dealing with me and my relationship with my own children who I should have a HUMAN RIGHT to have a healthy and happy relationship with free from targeted slurs and smear campaigns aimed at turning my children’s heart away from their mother who loves them.

The law says 20 days is the max for separating parents from their children in the immigrant situation, I am doing my best to gear up to go into court to change things on my own accord due to the lack of proper legal support that I cannot afford in Oregon. I believe my children’s HUMAN RIGHTS have been violated and not ONE community member in my realm is calling in the national guard, or sending in the troops to fix my family. I truly believe my children are being abused while they are being kept from me due to their father’s agenda to erase me from their lives.

How do I prove THAT in court when our original divorce took place over ten years ago? I guess I don’t. I guess I was too busy trying to get my degrees so I could make a difference in this world in a positive way and I just wasn’t out making enough money to hire a cut-throat lawyer or find a replacement father like my children’s father was able to do.

I hope they are both happy with their actions and can sleep well at night. I hope their lawyer feels good about her life and what she has done to grossly traumatize an already traumatized woman who lived with intense abuse under a man who treated his children’s mother like a sex slave and servant who didn’t even have a say in where she parked or what kind of toilet paper was purchased.

I get to forgive them ALL and just contain all my thoughts that *I* have about blowing up the white house, the courthouse, and leave a dead headless animal on every person’s door who ever wronged me or upset me by acting like a fucktard child who needs to grow up and learn to share and forgive those who deeply hurt us, and then deeply hurt us some more, and then deeply hurt us some more. That’s what I get to do every day now.

I am a pioneer woman from the wild west who can actually show some empathy for the animals out there who do not need to be killed to make a point. I have neighborhood cats that do that for me. Two days after my highly intelligent adult daughter accused me of being “bat shit crazy” and riddled with dramatic disorders, I opened up my front door and found a dead bat lying there as a confirmation. Maybe she is a prophet like her mama.

Newsflash: DO NOT COME TO OREGON. We have a “No Fault” state here and children are removed from one parent’s care through the help of incompetent social workers who are not well-educated. We have police corruption in our state because police officers often are those who get their jollies off on the power and control their title give to them over the disadvantaged.

When a parent is kept entirely away from vital relationships for two years while trying to heal up from all of the trauma and fear being flung around in our communities and on our streets, all while under the duress of threats from legalized bullies in our midst called “LAWYERS” who use immoral legal practices in small towns and who spread lies and rumors to help their clients remain in ultimate Trump Control by using the same tactics as a manipulative politician, it can incite fantasizing about doing something drastic to change things.

My therapist reassures me that fantasizing about assassinating Trump is the new national pastime. She also reassures me that my stress levels are temporary. I laughed. Maybe they will dissipate when either Trump peacefully resigns, peacefully carries out his term, naturally keels over from a heart attack, or from choking on a big mac (not that I have a death wish on ANYONE…everyone should be able to live their lives in relative peace and safety). Or maybe, my stress levels will calm down when I have my children back in my life on a regular basis so I can be a part of their lives again, or when their father ever decides to give me a cutting from that peace rose I planted on the front porch of the house I gave to them all so they would have a safe place to live full of good memories of better times with their mother when we used to grow flowers and sing outside in the garden before their dad came home and flew into his daily rage due to all of the stress he was under, or whatever his sick problem was that caused him to abuse the family that loves him, and the wife who prayed for him every day.

Maybe the entire world could learn a thing or two about true love and forgiveness by watching it play out in the average Jones family of Oregon.

Maybe we should all sit down and drink some WATERS, BARR mud-slinging, stay home and read some poetry to our children. Try John Wilmot or the Earl of Rochester. He has a great poem entitled, “A Satire on Charles II.” It is very appropriate for these times.

Then read some Chaucer. In Middle English. His “Parliament of Fouls” is good, as is his “Dream Visions.” Skip the Bible stories. They might give your children nightmares. They sure do me. My “enemy” was a former Children’s Pastor, and a typical Boys and Girls Club Basketball coach. His step-dad went to prison for pedophilia and he was able to forgive and show love to him when he got out. My children’s father should be one of the first people who knows about forgiveness.

He never had to go to prison for his crimes against me. I am able to forgive the past in order to create a better future.



Oregon born, Bardass Poet, Bat-Shit Crazy Stand-Up Comedian, Entertaining Social Activist, Mamadadaist Artist of 8 kids, Weirdo Wonder Woman, Narc Researcher

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Lorrance Herring

Oregon born, Bardass Poet, Bat-Shit Crazy Stand-Up Comedian, Entertaining Social Activist, Mamadadaist Artist of 8 kids, Weirdo Wonder Woman, Narc Researcher